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About G3L Media

We help build a Green, Sustainable and Organic future by combining that vision with the power of social media and digital marketing.

Making a difference and delivering positive results is our focus, when partnering with like-minded brands we believe in and share the same values with. Our team strives to help Eco-friendly, Conscious, Plant-based, Vegan and Organic brands get the recognition they deserve.

Our expertise ranges from; effective marketing strategies, duplicating what works best to ensure maximum results and satisfying not only our clients, but their customers too.

With Green & Organic Marketing, it’s time to advertise with a cause.

Who We Are

G3L Family Founders:

Gezim Dancja, G3L Media

Gezim (Jimmy) Dancja


❝ The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.❞

Lisiana Dancja, G3L Media

Lisiana Dancja

Marketing Director

❝ Every single thing happens for a reason.❞

Liriana Dancja

Content Manager

❝ Motivation gets you going, habit gets you there.❞

Ledion Dancja

Marketing Research Analyst

❝ If you’re going to dream, dream big.❞

Our Story

How we started

Having a combined experience of over 20 years in the digital marketing industry, our family founders; Jimmy, Lisiana, Ledion and Liriana Dancja started with the idea of using our digital marketing skills, learnt from top marketing industry experts, to build an agency that works with general niches.

However, being plant-based food lovers, and previously having business experience in the Eco-friendly space, they thought, why not help market a cause that we are passionate about? Hence, G3L Media was born.

Our foundation consists of passion, purpose and dedication and now, our mission is to use social media and digital marketing to make a difference.


Open, Honest, Ethical, Genuine


Green, Sustainable, Organic future.


Purpose, Energetic, Inspire, Create

Our core Values


Top Performance, Results

Honesty & Transparency

Communication, Authentic, Truth, Raw


Positive Working Environment

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